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We now offer our furniture line in FIVE DIFFERENT COLORS! White, Gray and Espresso are NEW!




Natural               Dark Mahogany       Sandcastle White       Urban Gray               Espresso


• Newly designed N95 Nilo-Nail, now a stackable, shaft redesigned to allow for perfect friction when
    hitting the nails in and out of the holes in our table. Large oversize collar, a non-chokeable! Set
    now includes 40 nails, 10 of each color Red, Yellow, Green and Blue!

• N99 Slide Hammer 'N Nails, new resuable zipper bag and packaging.

• Block Mats now available in PINK and GRAY colors!

Other new items in the works:

• Cityscape mat art work is completed, we await demand for them before production so let us know
    if you are interested and we will keep you posted! Contact orders at and let them know!

• Flexible train track. Design is being completed. Let us know if you have interest in this product and
    we will keep you posted.

• Theasel, still working on the design, sorry!

• Train Station and Yard, design is complete, let us know if you have interest in this item! We will
   then decide on production.


      If you are looking for an EXCEPTIONAL Childrens Play Table, Train Table, Lego Table, Thomas Table, Playmobile Table, Puzzle Table, Play Mat, Stool, Lego Base Plate, toy Hammer and Nails, Toy Chest, etc., then you've come to the right place! We've been making our Nilo® Tables since 1992. We offer the most options and accessories for Wooden Play Tables, including Natural Clear Coat Childrens Tables, Dark Mahogany Childrens Table, Sandcastle White Childrens Tables, Urban Gray Childrens Tables and Espresso Childrens Tables and accessories. Check with your local Special Toy Store and ask for a Nilo® brand product today! Or, simply give us a call to discuss your needs. Thank you for your consideration.