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Gallery of Nilo Toys History Logo photos, videos, endearments

Shortly, we will be posting many photos of Nilo® product in use with children. We are asking our wonderful consumers, moms, dads, grandparents, etc., to submit their candids or video for us to post for all to enjoy. Over the past twenty years we've seen and heard of amazing things being done with our products. This will be the new forum to peruse from time to time.

In the mean time, please feel free to submit any photos or video you may have so that we can SHOW IT OFF on our site! We may also reward you with a gift and/or discount off your next purchase by doing so! ! ! Good luck, and THANK YOU in advance!

Nile Ernst, Founder and CEO

Below, Rebecca was kind enough to send us her setup! When she ordered it we thought...she errored, product doesn't match!
Then we realized that she must be an interior decorator! These two colors, Dark Mahogany and Sandcastle White is quite cool,
don't you think! Thanks Rebecca for sharing!


Check the below out! Whaaaaattttt? Sand, on a Nilo® table? Yep, thanks to Sands Alive and BLUE
non stick tape over the holes on the framing. Its very cool stuff, truly!


Below, another wonderful customer sent us this photo showing our Dark Mahogany table and Stools and
our Sandcastle White Storage Bins. We thought they made a mistake when ordering but they intended this
very cool combo! Thank you for sharing!